Thursday, June 25, 2009

Piano was great!!

hey. sorry i havent written in awhile. ive been kinda busy.

Got a chance to play on a Piano that cost $10000..
played about an hour n it was great..REALLY GREAT...wip her beside me :)
it was outstanding n beautiful..
im in love wip $10000 is way to expensive for me...
but gonna save up n get a good piano for yeah!

gtg for now...
tc humans!


Monday, June 15, 2009

More of ECP pics!

Naim, salman, yat , suzanne

tired but still happie!

Jos santos, MArky mark and Idong ibuk

three man bands!




yummy2 in my tummy

Captain PLanet!! ooooOOOOoo

sunset! im with Vinnie nel diegro and John secada! YEAY

Friday, June 12, 2009

East Coast Park outing

East Coast Park.
Aerospace Avionics.
Sonia, Joey, Suzanne, Faris (aet), Yat, Shaun, Salman, Naim, Zahid, Ming Cang, Norman, Ali, Alloycious. Darrell, Wei Han, Alvin, Kevin, Menfred, Adrain, Dominique & Jun Wen.

Class outing was great...
Cycling and Swimming were great!
more pics to come!
stay tune!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last day of sch!



had class gathering this mrning n some breifing about Industrial Attchment this coming July...there's limited place for IA due to economic crisis recently...hope will be getting a place in there! n All the best to my fellow classmates..hahakz....
will be having Pre industrial talk tml at 11am..haiishhh...
n will be having class gathering this thurs at ECP! planning to go for cycle from noon till evening...
cant wait cnt wait!! yeay!!
till here then!
will update soon!
tke cre warriors n humans out there!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

my day was GuuuuuuuUUUDDD!

Harlow Humans!!
today, woke up in the mrning and went to NTU for IVP Silat championship...
that was was lyke at the other end of Singapore..fuhh.super far..
but nvm, as long as she was there with me the whole trip, that's the best...heee
but b4 we went for the IVP, we did went to the NEW Jurong Point was huge n complicated...packed with humans in there....haha....even wanna find the POSB was a headache for us...haiiyadushhkk...
then we took a bus from there to NTU...

IVP was alot of long lost frens and instructors there...
saw few matches but it was all woman category...boringg...hahakz..kidding2...
saw all my ite silat frens..met some of them...n even saw them wearing new team that's was way to cool...haahaa.

then around 5 we both went off to somerset to meet all my classmates n lecturer to have our Dinner at Sakura....about 13 of us turned up...i guess thats ouhk.hahakz

sorie guys for being 5 mins late..tu pon nk bising2..haiyo..haha..
but it was quite fun...wahhhhh...foods here n there..besepah mcm sampah yg terletak di tong sampah!! SUMPAH!!! hahakz..

but all of it was great..i jus love it!! spend bout few hours there till we are wip them...jokers! hahakz...
aft our dinner we went to Cineleisure to have some fun time there! ARCADE!! haha..
im pretty sure that im nt good at playing games..but jus to try out these MACHINES!!OOOOooooooOOO...
have fun org kate kan...hahakz...there's this dance call the dance Machine..i dunnoe la wat does it called.
awww i jus sux at dancing...sembarang hentam je joget.hahakz...
that's was great...wip her n the rest of my classmates...awesome!

oryte then, gtg for now...
will going to London tml .. NOT!
tc humans!

It hurts the most when you can actually feel your heart breaking..

teardrop is insignificant in a pool of water, but it can touch the soul as it runs down someone’s face.

my day jus sux..


exams over but alot of probs running thru my mind..


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

one last day!

A gay friend of mine...aww he's cute! haha
hey everyone! it's been awhile since i last updated..
exams gonna be over in jus a day! yessa!
gonna enjoy aft tml! THE LAST OF EXAMS FOR THIS YR!
jus cme bck from grp study..
it went alright..
n sumone came n made new frens..awww...
she's beautiful btw..hahakz...
BAMA exams went alright yesterday..
guess about 5 wrg ques out of 50..hmmph.i tink that's quite ouhk..
hope nt fail below 35 marks or else... ..insyallah...
hmmph, weekend gonna be a great time for me..
FRI, gg fishing wip dad n cuzz
SAT, maybe going dinner wip classmates or going Dhoby Ghaut for the Auditions..YAY!
n SUN going to NTU for the IVP silat champsionship..
ahhh atlast get to enjoy myself again!
oryte till here then..
gotta get bck to my revision!