Monday, April 27, 2009

life is a gift!

hey! whats up!? last time that i wrote was.. like 8 days ago. sorrie bout that!
been too busy with sch stuffs n some personal stuffs...hehehehe
n today is a looong , busy n titirng day for me...
jus finish studying Radio communication n did tutorial about 3 topics...test is on thurs n 7 topics is tested during the test n i jus covered 3 topic..lyke seriously wth!!!....


haiyo stress...nvm, will try to find a way bout that..

k first gonna strt with story telling bout last sat..k i fgt bout the suxs to be me...
moving on,
so sat, went for morning jog at Pasir ris with this
thanks for training me up for my 2.4km..gosh I NEED MORE MOTIVATION!! oooOOOooo
it's been a long tym since i jog...walaw!
i cnt even remembered when was the last training i turned up..oh my gosh..
n izwan told me that my instructor had been complaining about all the senior team attendance..from bad to worse...from worse to ........ maybe even worse..
haiish...where's all the Team captain????!!! uh uh uh! haha..

n met ib in the aftnoon to record our song cover...
webcam suxs again..bad sound quality n video quality...sorrie guys but gonna get a new one soon...yeah soon..hmmmm...
do check out! more to come!
aft our covers went to pasir ris east cc to met jabbar n his girl, razif n his girl..abid n his motorbike..yeah.everybody does have a partner now uh...amazing!..hahahahak...
Well things are going good, I suppose..
sat down n chatted with them till 11+pm n went straight home with best cuzz..

on sun, bored..
raining the whole evening...
so nth much happens...
went to fish at night wip cuzz for awhile..but sadly, fish wasnt there to bite my bait...

on mon, that's today...
went to sch as per normal..
study study study..
nth really happens too..did alot of revision at home..bored...

wanna say all the best to ZAINUL N DINNO!
to zainul:all the best for ur ANUGERAH auditions!
all out dude n hope to see u on tv!! yeah bebeh yeah!! shake it!! yeah... oooOOOooo..
haha..k lame

n to dinno:
gd luck for ur SINGAPORE IDOL audition!
cmon dude, ur voice is amazing!
n confirm u cn make it to the finals!
we support u!!
go go go!!



n to IBBY:
gd luck to u too... to ur YOUTUBE IDOL!! wakakakakaka
maybe one day sumone saw ur video n maybe they wan u to perform at Mosiac..who noes!
ur dream isint it ibby ah boy!!
gO IB GO!!

It's getting late and I'm tired.
Sleep sounds nice right now.
so gtg for now..
will post whenever i feels lyke posting
so toodles...

Sunday, April 19, 2009

mad piano cover

hey hello there everyone!!
me and ib jus made our first recording that's MAD by NEYO
so plz leave a nice comments even though we are nt that gud..
u could oso leave a cmmnt on youtube.

n dun forget to SUBSCRIBE it~
so sit back n enjoy!

aniwae more songs cover will be uploading soon!

so till next tym,, gudbye n tke cre aitez!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my day was gudddd!

Wake up , wake up...yat~
Ouhk, I heard you..
Breakfast is ready.

Dad woke me up.
I got up and I checked the clock.
It's only 8:30! I'm still tired. And why the hell did I wake up when sch strts at 1..haiish
I never eat breakfast and went bck to slp.

woke up at 10.30
(takes shower)..
burning and freezing at the same's raining outside n using the water heater..gosh!

arrived sch around 1pm n went straight to hall for SW lesson...
Great, im jus too tired to exercise..
and fell asleep when teacher was telling n clarify bout NAPFA this coming May...

since was lazy to exercise, me n fazzel went to canteen to have our lunch..n the rest was happily playing soccer n badminton..
chat about local hardcore band n ate chicken chop chilli chop chilli chop chop chop..haha...
being jus lame --_____--
..aft eating went bck to hall to continue wip the lesson.....
weak weak weak!

aft SW went to LP lesson..
lecturer was talking bout inventing new stuffs this n that..
so we came out wip funny n stupid ideas..
let me share our's kind of weird n stupid but who cares!!

it's putting a side n rear mirror to a the mirrors cn alert us when the lecturer are coming..hahahakz... the way the explain it was lyke so funny.."nga main game skali mcm ,ey ckgu dtg ckgu dtg..uhhh..bleh tau...."hahaha

then adam ask to insert handbrakes too..hahakz...
so when we are playing racing games the psp will come alive wip mirror n handbrakes..hahahahak....they are so funny!!

gosh, we are left wip 1 1/2 month and we are off to gonna miss u guys!

soooo until next time, bye! :)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

a short story of mine...have fun!! :)

sorry i havent written in awhile. but yeah, second term of school has started up.
gotta study real hard for my upcoming exams..n get selected for attchment during june -dec.HOPEFULLY~
n NAffa test i s around the corner..gotta achieve GOld for this yr too..train hard for the past few out here n there..well gotta get Gold again!

well, jus came bck from TAmp North CC to collect my scholarship award..yay! :)

niwae idk what else to write. so i hope you dont have such a boring day like i am having!!!!!!!!!

and i also miss David Archuleta performance at Iluma entertaintment center..GOSH!! im sad :(
hope he's coming bck again! HOPEFULLY!! he's the best singer...
so till here then..

ps: thanks for the sweet cookies..i love it alot...theyre like my fave snack at the moment..teehee!

Monday, April 6, 2009

put tittle here

hey. sorry i havent written in like days but yeah... i been busy, but not really, just forgotta bout it. today i woke up and watched tv and then ate oatsmeal for breakfast. i slept in for awhile and that felt good.
i dun feel lyke writting,
bye n tc!

you have the potential to be my boo<3