Tuesday, March 23, 2010

let's rock!!!

for those who are not straight egde, plz dun read the following msg because it's is pointless and it makes no sense at all,
veiwer discretion is advised...
hmmph, guess wat!
i jus bought a new guitar set.
i told you it makes no sense at jus being happy
it was nt that cheap n i really wanted to buy the guitar lyke shit,...
had been saving money for the past months just to buy this jus a crazy person
cld atleast save to buy a bike..
i dun mind buying it coz it's awesome to have's feels lyke in a rockband!! try it...haha
planning to do songs covers soon, but b4 that, let me practise first...hahaha
k till here then, done with sharing my happy stories...

i can still see my reflection from the guitar!! OH YEAH!!! LOVE DRUNK COMING UP!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

well here i am again!!

hey watsup bloggers!!
im back to blogging..yay!
it's been a long tym since i blogged..
is that the right spelling of blog....blogged? blogging? blog? bloooooooog! hmmm, well im nt sure..

so yeah,
life had been hard nowadays,
alot of planning n thinking about things n upcoming task needs to be made..

school strting in jus like a month from now..or maybe less...
and i dun really think that im ready to go school n study..hmmph,,
im nt saying that im lazy for school but i think i am...argh im i look like one? i dun think so..
but really, i want to go school but im lazy to make new friends..oops no offence...but they just come n go, it's not worth to make new i right...ouhk let's stop here...

btw went to science center last week n it was fun! seriously!! nt in childish so surprised n was so amazed with all those science's been a long time i've been's lyke 7 yrs ago...ouhk maybe let's round that off to 10, i was lyke running out n trying out amazing stuffs there..awwwwwww, there's still a kid in me...yeah yeah!!

pics had already been uploaded at my multiply..feel free to check them out...