Saturday, July 25, 2009


harlow everyone!

yesterday was pretty awesome day for me! 24/7

insofar as good things happened to me..

my dream had come true..

Everything was set in place. Shiffa and the rest of my best friends had planned the event that was about to so excited! awesomely feelings super great!

i was speechless when i saw a bunch of my bestfriend is there to throw a surprise party.. and i had a HUGE smile on my face when they sang for me birthday song,,not only once but few times...hahaha...awww u guys are great!

had dinner at Popeye's and it was totally delicious..
k im really out of still speechless now of that spectacular party of mine..
thanks alot everyone of you and THANKS to the event planner that's SHIFFA KHUMAIRA!
u are really one of a kind...u really are.. i love you so much, Shiffa Khumaira! teehee!

"Life is partly what we make it, and partly what it is made by the friends we choose"

n to Ibnu Irfan,
im sorry for ignoring you for few weeks due to *...*
well, now we cld spend tym together again like we did last sorie..
best friend again aite! :)

n to all for those who attended the surprise party,
thanks for all the effort and the jokes u shared. esp danial adik dinno...hahakz..
u guys are the best! I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart..greatly appreciate it alot of ur attendance..hahahakz

and lastly to Shiffa Khumaira,
thanks for making my day so special as u are really special to me.. i would maintain that thanks are the highest form of thought, and that gratitude is happiness doubled by wonder.
thanks for everything u've done for me and the planning thru out this event..
u are super great..awesomeee!!!! hahahakz.... it's like a crazy dream uh..aww im flying, whee~
btw u cnt buy love on EBAY..teehee!

ouh! lastly!

all those pictures will be uploaded in my multiply!

photos from shiffa cam. will be uploaded really soon..but from jabbar hp cam. had done uploading..

n btw Ubin's photo's uploaded too!

do cek out! DO CEK OUT!!

enjoy ur trip there!

here's the link ,!!

tke cre

and HAPPY 18th BDAE TO MEEEE!!yay!


Sunday, July 19, 2009


harlow everyone!
it's been more than a week since i last updated my blog..

well, today was a great day for the eight of us..
me, my love one, my cuzz and her frens n fiance..

woke up at 6am n prepared stuffs for the cycling trip..
arrived there around 7.30am wip her n all of them were late..."JANJI MELAYU BTUL! "
maklum lah, sume kakak2 tudung naik motor...biar lambat asl selamat katekan..hahakz..

btw went for our breakfast first at Changi village n str8 aft that went to Changi jetty to get a boat to UBIN!

arrived Ubin around a bicycle and strt our pedaling thingy..haha
the scenery was was awesome..lyke's good for cyclist and trekkers..
took lyke alot alot of pics wip them...
pictures will be uploading soon..
n thgt of creating a multiply so that u guys and view all my pictures there..
hmmph, will update when i do one oryte... :)

btw, it's was quite a tiring day for us but it was great..
down hills was amazing and fascinating for us...
but up hills was a disaster and terribly horrible! gosh!

btw that's all for today..
pics will be uploaded soon!
hope so..
tke cre...

tml will be a tough day for me!
a butt of mine is suffering!! a disease that they call "Proctalgia Fugax"

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I jus learned something!

Its been almost four days since the last time I wrote an entry.
I doubted that would have needed to, but what do you know!
It was a tough first week of July, I've gone through a lot.
Thank God though, that everything is still great.
But let's start from the beginning of where I left off.

this first week of my attchment was quite tough n tiring for me..
carrying heavy loads to the aircraft n inpecting Aircraft weighing platform for about 4 days str8.
well, it was a great experience n will be posting to other departments throughout the whole 6 mths...n it's gonna be great and fun....
time had been a disaster for the first few days but it went well for the last few days...

next week will be working on the Aircraft and will doing the 5 NDT methods on the the aircraft..those who doesnt know wat is's called NON DESTRUCTIVE's a task where they finds all the cracks, dents, scratches on the aircraft...they have all together 11 methods..but we will be only doing 5 methods of checking for cracks...
and this NDT will be only carry out only two weeks for us...until 24th july..
n guess wat..24th july..oooOOOOOooooo..
cnt wait till 24th july...less than two weeks!! heheee

k moving on,
as for august, will be posting to the Avionics Dept...
and Avionics will be inpecting more on radar communication n indicators leaks check..alot of wiring and bla bla bla..
so that means, we'll be working on the cockpit of an aircraft...
so YAY!

two more aircraft arrived yesterday..
it was Shanghai airlines and Northwest airlines..
cool uh..i got the chance to see those two aircraft taxi-ing down the runway of Changi airport to our parking cool...uh huh! hahakz..

btw to Nurul, HAppie 19th bdae...
all the best in ur future endeavours...

oryte till here then...
had nothing more to talk about...

Sweet Pea Soulmate!!
She knows just how to make me smile, blush, and be happy.
I had alot to talk about, but right now.
She's the only thing in my mind.
And I want to keep it like that!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

1st day of attachment

it's was monday morning, my first day of work ,that's yesterday and i've been asked to arrive at ST Aviation Services co. (SASCO) by 7.30am.. met my leturer n some of my frens from other class that's the Aerospace Technology...for Avionics there's only 2 person..that's me n one other china fren of mine..n the rest of technology guys was chinese too..i was upset at first but they were sort of frenly we got along easily and I can’t see there being any problems with them....

first day was kinda blurr sotong for me...but tried to ask a few ppl who works there..
im suprised that almost 90% of the workers there are chinese...well, i guess i have to jus focus n persevere for the next 6's not a problem then...

went to collect our Coverall, pass key, locker key, etc...
canteen jus sux...foods were expensive n there's only 1 muslim stall..that's jus sux...seriously ...haiishh....

was kinda excited went our supervisor said that he's bringing us to the hangar...
it's was totally awesome went i entered the hangar...

there was this big white gate we have to go thru b4 we cld enter the hangar. the moment i enter the gate, turn to my right it was so amazing ..guess wat

a gentle wind blew through me n when i was standing at the right turn aft the gate...and there's this big Plane was facing directly us...i was amazed by's boeing 747...n was expecting to see that plane from a near view... A view from it's nose..coz we were at the second level...imagine that...front veiw of an was superb...there were 6 planes in the hangar... 2 boeing, 2 MD -11 and the other 2 was airbus A300... whee~

im also worried whether I was technically skilled enough to work in this kind of enviroment with big planes around me...confidence is important uh..i will do my best aitez...surely...

i've come to the end of my first was rather amazing n spectacular...The things I’ve been worrying most about starting out as a techinician have been addressed in this first day.the work there is kinda strict and alot of safety procedure we have to follow......woooooo

well, im sure im gonna accomplished this course n get a good GPA for this yr...yeah!

so that's all about it....

Without you my days are
"Sadday,"Moanday, "Tearsday, "Wasteday, "Thirstday, "Fightday", and "Shatterday"
i love and miss you so much!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


gosh, this month is really a lucky month for me...
well i guess...

firstly i got my exams results bck...
n it was comm. was a well done for n that same goes for other subject...

secondly, i got sumone very precious to me...hope we'll last long together oryte...

I GOT A PLACE FOR ATTACHMENT!! gosh, im really glad that i cld make it this far n gonna do my best in my future endeavours..."strive for the highest" i still remember that motivational quotes that used to be my sec 1 class motto!

i feel lyke im flyling! WHHHEeeeeeeeeee~