Sunday, July 19, 2009


harlow everyone!
it's been more than a week since i last updated my blog..

well, today was a great day for the eight of us..
me, my love one, my cuzz and her frens n fiance..

woke up at 6am n prepared stuffs for the cycling trip..
arrived there around 7.30am wip her n all of them were late..."JANJI MELAYU BTUL! "
maklum lah, sume kakak2 tudung naik motor...biar lambat asl selamat katekan..hahakz..

btw went for our breakfast first at Changi village n str8 aft that went to Changi jetty to get a boat to UBIN!

arrived Ubin around a bicycle and strt our pedaling thingy..haha
the scenery was was awesome..lyke's good for cyclist and trekkers..
took lyke alot alot of pics wip them...
pictures will be uploading soon..
n thgt of creating a multiply so that u guys and view all my pictures there..
hmmph, will update when i do one oryte... :)

btw, it's was quite a tiring day for us but it was great..
down hills was amazing and fascinating for us...
but up hills was a disaster and terribly horrible! gosh!

btw that's all for today..
pics will be uploaded soon!
hope so..
tke cre...

tml will be a tough day for me!
a butt of mine is suffering!! a disease that they call "Proctalgia Fugax"