Saturday, July 11, 2009

I jus learned something!

Its been almost four days since the last time I wrote an entry.
I doubted that would have needed to, but what do you know!
It was a tough first week of July, I've gone through a lot.
Thank God though, that everything is still great.
But let's start from the beginning of where I left off.

this first week of my attchment was quite tough n tiring for me..
carrying heavy loads to the aircraft n inpecting Aircraft weighing platform for about 4 days str8.
well, it was a great experience n will be posting to other departments throughout the whole 6 mths...n it's gonna be great and fun....
time had been a disaster for the first few days but it went well for the last few days...

next week will be working on the Aircraft and will doing the 5 NDT methods on the the aircraft..those who doesnt know wat is's called NON DESTRUCTIVE's a task where they finds all the cracks, dents, scratches on the aircraft...they have all together 11 methods..but we will be only doing 5 methods of checking for cracks...
and this NDT will be only carry out only two weeks for us...until 24th july..
n guess wat..24th july..oooOOOOOooooo..
cnt wait till 24th july...less than two weeks!! heheee

k moving on,
as for august, will be posting to the Avionics Dept...
and Avionics will be inpecting more on radar communication n indicators leaks check..alot of wiring and bla bla bla..
so that means, we'll be working on the cockpit of an aircraft...
so YAY!

two more aircraft arrived yesterday..
it was Shanghai airlines and Northwest airlines..
cool uh..i got the chance to see those two aircraft taxi-ing down the runway of Changi airport to our parking cool...uh huh! hahakz..

btw to Nurul, HAppie 19th bdae...
all the best in ur future endeavours...

oryte till here then...
had nothing more to talk about...

Sweet Pea Soulmate!!
She knows just how to make me smile, blush, and be happy.
I had alot to talk about, but right now.
She's the only thing in my mind.
And I want to keep it like that!!