Monday, March 30, 2009

A wise saying

8 favourite songs.

1. secret valentine - we the kings

2.mad - neyo last cry - brian mc knight

4.a little to not over you - david archuleta

5. jasey rae acoustic - All time low

6.Thunder - boys like girls

7.books and letters - the morning light

8.cupid found his mark - dropout year

8 Tv shows/movies:

1. America's got talent

2.The love guru

3.naruto , naruto shippuden

4.CAmp rock

5.drake and josh

6.Ps. I love you

7.the Hottie and the Nottie

8.A walk to remember

8 things i did yesterday:

1.had a nap

2. went jamming at Aljunied studio.

3.went to eat dinner at Food culture

4. went to see movie (the unborn)

5.went to see such great scenery at my rooftop

6. ride abid's motobike

7. blogging and chatting

8. went to bed!

8 favourite restaurant



3.Pizza hut

4. banquet culture


7.Ayam penyek ria

8.Beach rood sup tulang..yeah!

8 things on my wishlist:


2.better health

3.freedom from stress license

5. piano/piano lessons

6. music recording

7. new brain

8. YOU!!

8 things that i look forward to: anxiety

2.positive change

3.sleeping and eating 18th birthday

5.Friend's n loves one's birthday

6.Working out

7.going for a walk and if it looks like it's been wanting to rain all day

8.spent time with my sugarbugar. (I never tire of it & it is never enough)

Till then, Adios Amigos!!!

"When we feel love and kindness toward others,
it not only makes others feel loved and cared for, but it helps us also to develop inner happiness and peace."

much love,
yataboi! :))

Thanks for being there n looking after for me..
you know you're the best !
and bcoz of that, i can breathe well.
thanks for giving me joy and smile from day one!
that's all i know!
heee :P!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

bring her home

broken without u
2 more hours left
plz hurry home!
waiting for ur call
cnt go a minute without tinking
Please forgive me for I only think of you
My love is with you in everything I do
This space makes it so hard to show
But I will never let you go!
missing you, yat

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

phone call!

received a call and was so happie to hear your voice..
a call from her study trip and just to say "Hi!, This place sure would be better if you were here"...
"phone calls
shared thoughts
never was enough
Please hurry home!
I'll be waiting
I miss you so much
my love for you is never fading
n will hold on to it
with all my might!..."
ps: ur voice was the soundtrack of my summer!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Pulau ubin fishing trip!

The warm air flowing, from the sea, feels so good blowing across you :)

well , i had a really gud day today n yesterday..i spent alot of time at the beach of Pulau ubin wip dad, cuzz n ib...around 6 was alot of fun..

ouhk met Razif first at my house yesterday then packed up n met the rest at Changi village..waited for the rain to stop then took a boat to Ubin.the scenery there was great n outstanding..Pasir ris n Punggol areas jus amazed me..haha.then n took a van to KEKEK QUARRY ( if im nt mistaken)KEKEK KEKEK!! haahakz

arrived there n settle down, took a pic of sunset..gosh, amazing!! even saw a rainbow! n it was so pretty like that sumone! heeee......

then as per fish fish till morning.

and i really enjoyed talking wip u while waiting for the fish to bite..BUT ib spoil alot of it! daym! mengumpat byk ehk korg nie..hahaha...still curious!!hahahakz..but nvm, u both jus cheer n brighten up my day!! thanks!

then while we were talking suddenly saw this mist from the other side of the lake ( the pic above) n it's coming towards us...ouh god! then my cuzz jus rushed to us n said, "sume tinggal kan brg, RIBUT DTG! mari buat shelter!"

but the funny part is, my dad n razif was slpping in the tent..n me n ib was busy fishing n talking..suddenly we heard " OI ROBOH OI!!" hahahahahahaha

kekek gyler! hahaha

then mist came n it became so so windy! me n ib hold the tent but it flew off jus lyke that...gosh! it's so so tiring! then mins later, the rain strted pouring down! n at the same time the shelther was everybody grab a place to settle down

aft a 30 -40 mins the rain strted to slow down abit to we went out to cek if's there is any fish...

then suddenly it's time to packed up coz the van is reaching to pick us up any time..n my cuzz was shouting excitedly...



that's was so funny..then DUSHH!!

a big fish jus jump out of the water...


he took the fish steadily n jus ran around the place..hahahaha..

so cute n furnie...

he was so excited...

we even asked him to run towards punggol n sengkang side since that he's so happie..hahahaa


lepas tu kan nk tau ape jdi tk?


n now im at home blogging! cool kan ending dia..i know i know!


k till here i guess..


niwae i really had fun talking to u jus now..u really made my blush till im speechless..heee! :))

gonna miss u so much!

tke cre !



there's this poems or some quotes while im on the boat.



k here it goes!













Saturday, March 21, 2009

I was born to tell you i love you

My love is so near
but she feels so far

I fear this love is pointless
But, something strong
says it's not.

Is she really worth
fighting for?

Is she really worth
prayin for?

I'm so confused
I don't wanna make
the wrong decision

I love her so much
I don't know what to do

she wont accept me,
she loves me
I can tell

But, she's too afraid to say

It's so hard
for the both of us,
especially with everything that gets in the way.

It's not as easy
as I thought it would be
what should I do?
what should I say?

There's nothing else
in me
that will prove
my love for her!

ps.i was born to tell you i love you!

Friday, March 20, 2009

just another day!

holiday had jus started.
n i gotta find a job as soon as possible
to cover up my free time druing my holidays...
now at Singapore poly.
browsed fews polytechnic
that would accept nitec students in Aerospace avionics.
n to get in the course is 3.5 n above..
gosh, gotta work hard this yr!
study study study!
oryte gtg for now,
will update lyke tml or whenever..haha

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Good n bad newS

hello it's me again..
well today strted off with radio test..
at first when i saw the paper, it was kind of hard..
n i was lyke daym, this's harder than i thgt..
but when i got the results! I PASS!!
yay for me!

n since today was the last day of the term 1 we celebrated bdae party for those birthday who falls on March n April...hahakz...
took a class photo together..
went home n received a call..
didnt got the place in Rsaf!
stupid reasons!
well, RACIST!
how malay wanna maju if they kept taking in their own races..
nt jus me, all the malays who attend the interview did nt get it too!
lyke WTH!
nvm nt a big deal tho!
aft that went to SGH to accompany my nanny for cek up
alot of queueing n waiting for nums...
nums here n there!
met ib at the hospital n took a cab home..

tml after prayer wanna teman sumbody go exchange money n she oso wanna bring me tour around her sch!
cnt wait!
tml gonna be the best day of her life!
hope so..
oryte till here then...
do tke cre!
Live well, laugh often, and love with all of your heart!
IMY! :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

jus turning the page..

I don't have a lot to say, I am just making an entry to turn the page,
woke up in the mrning n received a msg from classmate saying that today's lesson was cncel..
was extremely happie n went bck to slp...
woke up around 10+am in the mrning
shower n went to make a double copy of my N level cert then get some drinks n snacks...
tml will be having RSAF ( senior tch.) interview in the mrning.....
hope to do my best during that interview..
wish me luck!!
will be having Radio comm test on Thursday n have been studying studying studying this few days..
n seems that i cnt absorb all of the topics in my brain..
*jus waiting for Thurs to end! n YEAH! oliday here i come! *
to dila : happie 16th bird day!! whooooppsy daisy!
happie 16th birhtday!
all the best in ur life n studies!
n oso have fun during ur selangor trip!
that goes the same for sue too!
oryte till here i guess!
bye n tc!!
ps: Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you I had no control over.Love is the greatest refreshment in life.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A fairy tale

Once upon a time there a was a man who said he was in love with a woman.

This woman saw this man as her prince.

This relationship blossomed and flowered in the sun of their love.

One day this man told this woman that he could not promise her the world.

This man told this woman that all he could promise her is his eternal love, respect, truth, and devotion.

What this man did not know is, what he promised her meant the world to her so in turn he did in fact promise her the world.

One day this woman wrote this for this man.

Wash over me mighty wind
Wash over me and make me pure
Flow Through me gentle breeze
Flow through me and make me whole
Dance with me spirits
Dance in celebration
Celebrate with me another new day of joy and love
Take joy in our life together
Take joy in our eternal love for each other
Love me for eternity is all I ask of you
This is my promise to you my love
Exactly what I ask of you
Eternal Love and Devotion
A life together with all the ups and downs
But over all, I know, The good will out weigh the bad
I want to experience everything life has to offer with you by my side
Through all the good and the bad
Till death do us part
Always together

This woman, however, was oblivious to any thing this man may do.

It never crossed this woman’s mind that this man might hurt her, so she put her trust in him, and never thought twice about it.

One day this man left this woman.
This man left with no warning... No letter... No fight... Not a word... No closure.

As a very wise person once said "All good things must come to an end."

Break ups...Broken tears... Deaths. These all end things that should be beautiful and most likely, at some point in time, were.

But as this woman lays in bed, felling as if her world were crashing down around her, wondering what she did wrong, wondering what she always does wrong, she realizes that she will over come all of this and she will become stronger because of this mans insecurities and lies.

As another wise person once said "What does not kill us only makes us stronger.....n one day, sumbody else could give her the strength that she used to have."

sad, but with a glimmer of hope... no happy endings, just a promise of another day.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It snowed today! with arnold schwarzenneger!!! yeah!

been a great day today!
went to rooftop with ib
get some FRESH air n shared some stories about ourselves!
took a pic of Town, Changi Airport...
cnt see clearly but atleast it's guddd!!
n oso saw the moon covered with clouds n Rainbow around it!
it's so ROUND n Big! n oso BEAUTIFUL!
took a pic of it but cnt see clearly! y y y!! haiish
k moving on,
then we went to the brigde connector n sang alot of songs..
trying to recall a song to sing for sumone but seems lyke we both cnt remembered it!
ib kept tinking about the song but arhh!
stress sey smpi terbwk alik ke ruma!
nvm! will tink about it again...
oso wanna learn this song on the piano
(one last cry - brian mcknight)
give me 1 week ib!!
i'll my best to get it done!
mcm fhm!
k that's all for today!
enjoy those pics i took!
jus three of them!
the scenery up there it's lyke so amazing!
i hope that i cnt bring u along!

(view of pasir ris)

the lights out there is's even clearer if u go see urself!

that's pasir ris - tampines connector! the sungai there! yala! hahaha

Thursday, March 5, 2009


* :) :D :x :x :D :) *

That's my face today!
All wreathed with smiles.
im so so happie!

I've been pretty busy the last few weeks, getting all prepared for my upcoming tests n some other personal stuffs *wink*..hahakz..

started with NDT( non - destructive Testing) Test today in the mrning...
it was really great and fun!
n got the previous results of my test!
yay! passed!
still waiting for 1 more test that's on the 19th march! haiyaaa!

3mths left and off to attachment!
cnt wait!


4 mths to be 18!
so long uh!
almost half of my classmates are oredy 18!
promise sumone to take license together!

cnt wait to go TONG SENG! eat Fishball noodles!

i guess till here then!
did two post today!
so yeah!
bubye n take cre ppl!!

toodlles noodles!!
Ps: Sky is best words describes me! hahakz

i wanna be!

Look.. I know we've been friends for a while now.. But, I just feel like I can confessto you.. It's gonna be hard but.. Alright here it goes...
Imagine that the pillow that you cried on was my chest, and the tissue that you wiped yourface with was my hand. imagine if you needed advise about some other guy, I'm the one that comes to mind Not tryna' hear you tell nobody that I'm just a friend, just trying to make sure I'm that bodythat you call your man, and anytime you need a shoulder, It shows not a day, but what I'mtryna' say is, I wanna be...
Girl... ?? call late at night... ?? at the door when you open your eyes...Wanna be the one you run to, wanna be one that ain't gon' hit you, I wanna be him, I wanna beyea..Be the man that get you girl jealous, be the guy that's shuttin' down all the fellas..whatever you need, girls it's all on me.. So go tell your friend or your lover, girl, I wannabe...
Would it be cool, would you mind if I called you my boo, what if the next with you is pushin'was the one I bought for you. Can I be the one that meets your pops and take your mama shoppin', you're the only one I like.Have you thought about it, wait, really thought about it? Maybe you should take some time callyour girls and talk about it, yeah. Cuz' I done already made up my mind, don't need no more time to know if I wanna be with you, Iwanna be...
Put me on your screen saver, all over your myspace and, make me one of your top favorites,that's where I wanna be... The one you cryin' for, (stand up for and fightin' for) wanna beyour good, bad, love, hate girlll..
If my heart hoped to die, on everything that's good, I'mma do you right, show you right, getthis understood. Cuz' my heart hoped to die, on everything that goes good, I'mma do you rightshow you right, get this understood...
Girl I wanna be, I wanna be.... sigh.. I wanna be, I wanna be...
i wanna be - chris brown

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday jus sitting here as usual. yesterday had dinner wip families n ib..
he joined us for my cuzz bdae celebration as my mum invited him was fun! spent time talking to all my nepfews..idk if thats how you spell it but its all good.hahakz

went for trg in the evening...
sumtink bad happened that made me pissed off by my instructor..
so went bck straight without even bother to talked to him yesterday...arhhhh..
life is changing..
where's all my close friends gone to?
will they come bck?
but i still left with jus two of them by my side...
i hope u know who u are...

moving on,
had a conversation on the phone with one of close friend in the middle of the night..
crack some jokes..
being hilarious every minutes jus cheer us up...
u are so so so funny!!
i cnt stop laughing..
i even tried to laugh without smiling..but i cnt! hahahaha....

I am a good person
I am worthy of love
I know my truth
I believe my truth

The truth is, we are all human
The truth is, that God loves me
The truth is, that God does not expect me to change.
The truth is, that God accepts me as I am
The truth is, that God loves me as I am
The truth is, that I have to live as who I am
The truth is, I need to live with integrity
The truth is, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks
The truth is, only what I think matters
The truth is, that your truth may not be mine
The truth is, that i have a crush on sumone.
The truth is, that is okay too.

The Truth is, my truth has made me free.

till here then!
bye n tc!!

ps: ur voice is soundtrack of my summer! i have to tink 7 more things bout u! heeee