Sunday, March 1, 2009

Saturday jus sitting here as usual. yesterday had dinner wip families n ib..
he joined us for my cuzz bdae celebration as my mum invited him was fun! spent time talking to all my nepfews..idk if thats how you spell it but its all good.hahakz

went for trg in the evening...
sumtink bad happened that made me pissed off by my instructor..
so went bck straight without even bother to talked to him yesterday...arhhhh..
life is changing..
where's all my close friends gone to?
will they come bck?
but i still left with jus two of them by my side...
i hope u know who u are...

moving on,
had a conversation on the phone with one of close friend in the middle of the night..
crack some jokes..
being hilarious every minutes jus cheer us up...
u are so so so funny!!
i cnt stop laughing..
i even tried to laugh without smiling..but i cnt! hahahaha....

I am a good person
I am worthy of love
I know my truth
I believe my truth

The truth is, we are all human
The truth is, that God loves me
The truth is, that God does not expect me to change.
The truth is, that God accepts me as I am
The truth is, that God loves me as I am
The truth is, that I have to live as who I am
The truth is, I need to live with integrity
The truth is, it doesn't matter what anyone else thinks
The truth is, only what I think matters
The truth is, that your truth may not be mine
The truth is, that i have a crush on sumone.
The truth is, that is okay too.

The Truth is, my truth has made me free.

till here then!
bye n tc!!

ps: ur voice is soundtrack of my summer! i have to tink 7 more things bout u! heeee