Saturday, March 21, 2009

I was born to tell you i love you

My love is so near
but she feels so far

I fear this love is pointless
But, something strong
says it's not.

Is she really worth
fighting for?

Is she really worth
prayin for?

I'm so confused
I don't wanna make
the wrong decision

I love her so much
I don't know what to do

she wont accept me,
she loves me
I can tell

But, she's too afraid to say

It's so hard
for the both of us,
especially with everything that gets in the way.

It's not as easy
as I thought it would be
what should I do?
what should I say?

There's nothing else
in me
that will prove
my love for her!

ps.i was born to tell you i love you!