Tuesday, November 18, 2008


harlow everybody, jus wanna share with y'all some experience..
last sun we work as a kendarat ( i dun noe wat's the eng word of that) niwae kendarat is ppl who work during weddings...the one who cleans up the table after the prsn eats or drink...hmmph, btw my blog is nt a dictionary but if u wanna noe more plz go to n type sumthing, ANYTINK!...
The works was simple...i guess our rest time is much more longer then we work..hahakz..but so alot of new frens thiz guy, at first he was lyke so fiecre...then we knew him bout 5 hours..WOW!! he's a gay...he touched my butt n my nips! GODDAYM BUSTED!! GAY BUSTED!!! he also touch some of my frens too....dun wanna mentioned his name as it may be offensive if he reads my blog of wat..hmmph..

n also met thiz psrn who is serving NS for the nation..he's posted under the Civil i asked alot of ques. about's quite fun being Civil Defense coz it's one of the highly pay n quick relaxing job afterall...hmmph..
nt to fgt we even disturb one of thiz gerl werking there...she has a big mole on her neck...n it was totally funny..especially dinno, as he passes by the gal he will said the word PALAT's lyke so daym funny..i cnt stop laughing..busted sia dinno!!! hahaha...but WTH!!

we even took some pics...

enjoy those pics....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

silat returns!

went for training at Pasir ris..
3pm - per normal with LC( Leader's Circle) training then followed by normal training at 5pm..
b4 tat, spent some timw for briefing about the BEST OF THE BEST n ONLY THE STRNG CHAMPIONSHIP n also ADVENTURE CAMP DURING DEC!!
cnt wait for it !!shld be happening!!!
learned Seni during LC trnng, next sat it's the must pratise n get one of the best..hahahakz...

then at 5pm normal trng began n did physical was tough but has to endure n train to be the best...
aft break went for sparring..fought with each n everyone of the athletes there..haha..they was quite challenging too...gave some tips to the new ones...hahakz

aft training went down to chill with silat frens n my mummy!!miss u so much MAK ETON!!
atlast got to meet her...YAY!!!
then we sent Her n nurul bck,
ib n zarrin then sent me bck..awww so romantic..hahahaahahahaha....
discuss about our each of our prob. share some stories..hahakz

oryte till here i guess..
tml gonna wake up early to go to work..haiish..
bye n tc everyone!!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Hey there...
Went to downtown yesterday to meet dinno n frens..ib brought his guitar to entertaint ourselves...haha..then met sec 5 Dunman ex classmate too...they are having class chalet for bout 2 days..wah so fun sey..chit chat wip them for a while n then headed to Pasir ris Park to get a nice n pleasant veiw of the beach...haha...played alot of songs using the guitar..dinno n ib do the singing..even danny played some hardcore n punk songs..quite fun...
then took some pics at downtown n went's some photo of us tat we took it yestrday...
enjoy those photos!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008


sentosa memories with 4I...haha....miss them so much!!!!
the happening day!!!

boys will be boys!!

picking up the pieces!!

the friday nite boys!

peace yo!!!

i'm so me!

bedroom's talk!

This is our town!
the best of me n him!

heroes n underdogs!
DAym i miss them alot!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

happy hours!!

HEY to anyone who is reading my blog..
today had some excitement during sch hours n aft sch...hahakz..
as usual went to sch at 8.30 n the first lesson ended around 11+..
was quite bored n was so brainless as we had nth interesting to do in sch..student hub was closed n canteen was lyke moronic place to be in as for the food is so boring!!! haiish

So we plan to play Lan gaming..I was lyke WTH!! LAN GAMING SUXS!!!
so went to nearby bus stop to chill n strted to wait fr the bus to show up..
suddenly fazzel came out with good idea!!!!!!IDEA!haha
"u saw tat??" he said..n we was lyke wat wat wat...
"There's are some guys playing SOOOCCERRR!!!!"he replied..
in the end we ended up playing soccer at the street soccer beside our sch..but lan gaming was nt cancelled.. lan gaming was brought forward aft sch...
wait wait wait...i'm nt done telling y'all bout the soccer part..
hmm, ouhk..

we went there n asked whether we could make a team n play with first they refuse to but they borrowed us their ball for us to play..NT PLAYED WITH THEM..haiish..
our intention was to challenge with them..
i'm nt sure y they didnt wanna play with us.maybe their scred tat we would play rough or beat them up...EAT THEM??? probably nt!hahakz..

but aft a few mins ltr we tried again, n they agreed...i was lyke ATLAST!!!YES.WOOO!!hahakz..
the first team who went was Man, zahid, Fazzel n Vivek..hahakz..
they were doing fine in there but end up losing..hmm, nvm cn try again...
n then was our team, me n Faris, Naim n Adam..hahakz..
at first they trash us 2-0..then i scored 2 goal..YAY!!
then STUPID FARIS did nt save the last shot made by the other team..the shot was lyke so simple!!arhh..but nvm..winning is nt's jus a game..hahakz...

Then aft playing soccer went bck to sch..
2nd lesson took us about 40 mins.. class advisor released us early today..
then proceed to Northpoint to continue the Lan gaming..
i dun really into this Lan gaming or CS watsoever it is...
but Naim wanna treat me so i dun wanna miss the opportunity...hahakz..
went to play with them..around 6 person played..
play play furnie la..instead of killing the enemy, we killed our teammates..hahahahak...then suddenly saw this person using sumkind lyke sheild protection..i saw tat n laughed was kind of funny with tat thing running around killing ppl..HAHAHAHA...cnt stop laughing aft seeing tat...seriously..try to imagine.hmmmmmm...
CS was kind of fun..hmmm....but the part where u take out ur money n pay, tat part suxS!!!

oryte till here then...
gonna eat hungry..

Saturday, November 8, 2008

hip hop fest n carnival

hey there...
went to city hall yesterday for the hip hop fest n carnival...
but b4 tat met dinno, ib n danny at dinno's crib..
arrived his place around 2+ n ib was still sleeping..
transfer some data frm dinno's comp to my thumbdrive...
... some n computer games n software for my comp...

then around 6+ we headed to city hall straight..
went marina square to take our dinner first..
met SHAIFUL!! he's my exclassmate..
so short..we used to call him toyol..hahahlz..
but now, who ever who dares to disturb him, he will smack the person upside down.. Toyol transform to skinhead..hahahahahahkz..shaiful2...haha

after eating went down to Padang to see some excitement n performance show...
while we were walkingm shaiful get into some arguements with this group...shaiful biase jgk..suke cari gado..hahahakz...

then met the national team while we was passing by the memorial, whole group of the team..
went around to greet each of them.
spend some time to talking with them..
they asked me y did i nt turn up for trng.n answered some stupid reasons...
i was impressed with sharin...
he brought me to the back n showed me this cool flip called GAINER!!!! WOW!!!!

then proceed to the stage nearby us to see the performances..
then zarin arrived n join us....
waited for the dance party to's about an hour b4 the party to begin so went to the bck to chill n discuss each of our prob....

was kind of fun when the part they performed hip hop dance around the crowd..
one by one showed their talent in breakdance n some cool moves...
even one of my fren (ABDILLAH) oso joined the dance...
woooooooo, he got the move yo...he used to be the kental in our class.. n cnt believe my eyes seeing him doing some awesome moves..cooooooool
ib becoming crazier n crazier as for dinno doing some silly dance..hahahahakz...i cnt stop laughing...
it was a great outing with them..
they cheer me up every single second of my life..
thanks bros..
till here then,