Tuesday, November 18, 2008


harlow everybody, jus wanna share with y'all some experience..
last sun we work as a kendarat ( i dun noe wat's the eng word of that) niwae kendarat is ppl who work during weddings...the one who cleans up the table after the prsn eats or drink...hmmph, btw my blog is nt a dictionary but if u wanna noe more plz go to n type sumthing, ANYTINK!...
The works was simple...i guess our rest time is much more longer then we work..hahakz..but so alot of new frens thiz guy, at first he was lyke so fiecre...then we knew him bout 5 hours..WOW!! he's a gay...he touched my butt n my nips! GODDAYM BUSTED!! GAY BUSTED!!! he also touch some of my frens too....dun wanna mentioned his name as it may be offensive if he reads my blog of wat..hmmph..

n also met thiz psrn who is serving NS for the nation..he's posted under the Civil i asked alot of ques. about's quite fun being Civil Defense coz it's one of the highly pay n quick relaxing job afterall...hmmph..
nt to fgt we even disturb one of thiz gerl werking there...she has a big mole on her neck...n it was totally funny..especially dinno, as he passes by the gal he will said the word PALAT's lyke so daym funny..i cnt stop laughing..busted sia dinno!!! hahaha...but WTH!!

we even took some pics...

enjoy those pics....