Monday, May 31, 2010

dear shiffa's graduation photoshoot!


went for a photoshoot last was awesome but yeah it was also super tiring due to the hot weather..
first went to Singapore Poly to have the photoshoot n followed by Esplanade and more...
lucky that her cuzz drives us there, if we were to take train, i dun tink i could make it that far with that kind of weather..hahahakz...
photo's will be upload soon i guess..
hope so...
can't wait to veiw those photos...
im so proud of you, Shiffa Khumaira...
btw i love to see you smile during ur photoshoot..
Her smile made me smile,
that Smile is the one that light up my future and brighten up my day..
Her smile made me wanna go far n achieve all my goals.
in that smile also, i see Happiness and Love :)
allright! till here then,
gtg for now...
wish me luck for test allright! hope to get full marks again!! hahahakz..
n yeah yeah! getting IPHONE sooonnn!!
:D wide smile

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hey harlow! haha

harlow to anybody who is reading my blog now..
it's been a short while since i updated my blog..
btw school had started n yeah getting more busy as day pass by..
n yupp, school had been great and also a headache for me..
new friends are awesome and felt great to be in the same class as IBNU IRFAN!
so far school is doing great and rock climbing is such a fun activity to participate in..
work has been a hell for me,
nowadays people around us jus dont understand what is the meaning of school/commitments...
adakah patut mereka berkata tk payah pergi ke sekolah dan berkerja utk dorg...apakah pikirkan mereka setelah berkata seperti itu!! tidak kah anda marah setelah mendengar bahwa mereka berkata seperti itu dan setelah didengar oleh telinga mu AND maka sini ingin saya tekankan bahwa se nye jangan la kamu makan apa yg telah ditolak dan terus dibuang di tong yg berbentuk bulat memanjang.dan setelah itu, makanan itu akan ditapis di jurong bird park dan akan menjadi baja utk pokok disekitaran pulau singapura.atau dijadi kan sebagai newwater......hahahaha..k da strt mengarut...sowie sowie...
k get back to the topic..
btw it's long to talk bout it...lazy to elaborate more bout it..
but yupp, still working on weekends tpi tu pon mata dorg masih merah...haissh..
main intention is to come work n get money for myself n go home after that balik..
to shiffa: all the best in ur work allright!! no matter wat happens, yat will always be by ur gonna study hard now and insyallah we will have a great life in the future..btw im so proud and happy for u..seeing u having ur own room in the office, own desk and a computer/ paperwork on's ur dream isnt it...alhamdullilah! :)
allright gtg for now...
have a nice day ppl :)