Monday, March 22, 2010

well here i am again!!

hey watsup bloggers!!
im back to blogging..yay!
it's been a long tym since i blogged..
is that the right spelling of blog....blogged? blogging? blog? bloooooooog! hmmm, well im nt sure..

so yeah,
life had been hard nowadays,
alot of planning n thinking about things n upcoming task needs to be made..

school strting in jus like a month from now..or maybe less...
and i dun really think that im ready to go school n study..hmmph,,
im nt saying that im lazy for school but i think i am...argh im i look like one? i dun think so..
but really, i want to go school but im lazy to make new friends..oops no offence...but they just come n go, it's not worth to make new i right...ouhk let's stop here...

btw went to science center last week n it was fun! seriously!! nt in childish so surprised n was so amazed with all those science's been a long time i've been's lyke 7 yrs ago...ouhk maybe let's round that off to 10, i was lyke running out n trying out amazing stuffs there..awwwwwww, there's still a kid in me...yeah yeah!!

pics had already been uploaded at my multiply..feel free to check them out...