Sunday, January 17, 2010

well, here it goes

aww, this is a great place which i wont forget about...
awesome memories on my 18th bdae and fireworks festival...
shld probably take the flyer thrill ride too one day..i hope..hahak
btw so yeah, jus came back from work n im so exhausted...
actually i have nothing in mind to say but wat the heck, jus felt lyke updating..


work was fun, cooking was awesome.frens there are superb..
but the only thing i hate transfering to 313 - Somerset..
well, come to think of it, i hate transfering to sumwhere that is far from my hometown...why?. firstly, ezlink!!! adult fare,dammit...2nd, it's far.. 3rd, have to wake up early n will be gg home quite late...
4th, wait..there's no fourth..
man, this sux..
but tried to talk to my supervisor n he is trying hard to put me in TAmp1...hope so..
i dun wanna be in somerset mixing with new ppl there..
they sux.. haha
i doesnt even know who they are..haha

life had been great... wip you around is so awesome..
cnt wait till 28th jan n that's the fun time gonna come.
BLG concert! HO YEAH!!!

and do cek out this videos and im gonna upload below..
it's funny...
hope u guys enjoy those vids..

NEws with NEYO

MAdtv : weight smasher

MADtv: keeping our passengers safe in the air