Wednesday, April 15, 2009

my day was gudddd!

Wake up , wake up...yat~
Ouhk, I heard you..
Breakfast is ready.

Dad woke me up.
I got up and I checked the clock.
It's only 8:30! I'm still tired. And why the hell did I wake up when sch strts at 1..haiish
I never eat breakfast and went bck to slp.

woke up at 10.30
(takes shower)..
burning and freezing at the same's raining outside n using the water heater..gosh!

arrived sch around 1pm n went straight to hall for SW lesson...
Great, im jus too tired to exercise..
and fell asleep when teacher was telling n clarify bout NAPFA this coming May...

since was lazy to exercise, me n fazzel went to canteen to have our lunch..n the rest was happily playing soccer n badminton..
chat about local hardcore band n ate chicken chop chilli chop chilli chop chop chop..haha...
being jus lame --_____--
..aft eating went bck to hall to continue wip the lesson.....
weak weak weak!

aft SW went to LP lesson..
lecturer was talking bout inventing new stuffs this n that..
so we came out wip funny n stupid ideas..
let me share our's kind of weird n stupid but who cares!!

it's putting a side n rear mirror to a the mirrors cn alert us when the lecturer are coming..hahahakz... the way the explain it was lyke so funny.."nga main game skali mcm ,ey ckgu dtg ckgu dtg..uhhh..bleh tau...."hahaha

then adam ask to insert handbrakes too..hahakz...
so when we are playing racing games the psp will come alive wip mirror n handbrakes..hahahahak....they are so funny!!

gosh, we are left wip 1 1/2 month and we are off to gonna miss u guys!

soooo until next time, bye! :)