Saturday, August 29, 2009

updated's been like a month since i updated my blog..
btw i cnt upload pics in blogger..walaw!
was tinking to upload my team aerospace photos here..but!! stupid blogger

been busy for the past few days due to attchment n puasa...
work have been great for me...knew alot of engineers there n they are quite fun to talk to..
shared alot of knowledge and experience wip them..
well, it was great working there but im planning to futher my studies either to poly or ATTC next yr..hahakz...

fasting while working is a drag for me..time seems to be slowing down this few days..gosh!
it's kinda hard for me to be fasting while's my first tym but im gonna endure all the way! it's once a yr...

btw had IA presentation at sch last was really great to be in sch since a long tym...met all my frens from aerospace and shared alot of stories wip them...even jokes...gosh i jus cnt stop laughing that day..I REALLY MISS U GUYS...
after presentation went to break fast wip was fun too..seriously..jokers!

well, for now jus gonna cncntrate on my attchment...
gonna do my best for the next three months n get good GPA this yr..INSYALLAH!! hahakz...

oryte till here then,
do tke cre everybody out there!
n to my dearest, ill always be there for u very much! teehee!