Tuesday, November 17, 2009

all the way..let's persevere till the end!

hey guys,

atlast it's almost December.
and my attachment is gonna come to an end..
report had to submit by next week...and that's the toughest thing to do in my life...but im lucky to have her in my life..she did helped me in any probs./difficulty faced and my Final Year Report..i would like to thanks her alot for being there for me thru gud times and bad glad to have her in my life..btw i shld be getting prepared to go Poly..coz it will be tougher than this...really2 tough...hahakz..

she'll be having her Final Year Project this Sat and's a music event...ibnu, jabbar and me will be performing on the event itself...yay! cant wait for that to happen...hope it'll be a blast during the day itself...we'll be helping them out on the event itself...hahakz...

this week gonna be super-busy week. where as gonna finish up my report and finish practising all those songs that will be playing on that day.. plus my attachment will be finishing next week! yeah.!!!woooooohhooo....cnt wait to meet all my ITE frens and gonna laugh wip them the whole day..i miss those jokers so much! ya soon oryte guys...wheee

allright im gonna sign off for now n gonna get bck to work..
bye and tc! wheee...
ps. gonna strt training soon! gaining stamina back! 8mins for 2.4km...cmon! yeah uh huh...haha