Tuesday, December 29, 2009

boys like girls song definitions

boys like girls is coming to Singapore 28th Jan 2010.. n will be performing at Sentosa!
this band is my all time fav. n their songs are all meaningful n somehow or somewhat has sumtink to do with my life...
but i dun tink i'll go to their performance due to some bad circumstances..

basically there's a meaning of these three songs i love, The great escape, Thunder, and Love drunk..

The Great Escape is being young, moving on, growing up, not living it all behind but kind of feeling like you're moving on to a new place and u're ready to break free and get out you're going to do that in one more night with ur who ever.

is about a break up between a boy and a girl, I'm guessing in the summertime.
In the beginning, we can see that they are just broken up and how the boy does not believe that the girl does not love him anymore. He memoirs how the girl was the soundtrack of his summer, meaning how they spent summers together with each other. He says that she isn't like any other girl he's met and that she'll always be his thunder and to bring on the rain. There are two meanings to this line: 1) It thunders and rains all summer, so he feels that she will always be with him 2) Bring on the rain means no matter how harsh times are, or in this case, no matter how much the girl hates him, that he'll always love her. The song is saying how he is cooped up in his house, and how he wants to go outside and visit her or call her, but he does not have the strength to do so. It goes on to say how the boy feels trapped and how he knows that the girl is feeling sad too that their relationship is over, and her voice will always the soundtrack of his summer . ;)

Love drunk is about "love drunk", or blinded by love, and thought he would love the girl forever, even though it sounds like they had a lot of problems. But then the "drunk"means he used to be MADLY in love with her and he is "hungover" means he's now Heart Broken,
and can see the whole picture now and knows that he will not love the girl forever like he thought he would, hence "i'll love you forever, forever is over."

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