Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A very long update!

Hey Guys!

Wassssuppppppppppeeddd! :X

it's been months since i last yeah probably will be a long update...hehehe
so jus sit tight n relax while i beginning to tell you all a story of my life from august 2010 - sept 2010...

so yeah...after that cycling post of mine, was busying gettting prepared for school exams n car license.was quite quite busy for the month of august n sept...

before i start jus wanna wish...

SeLamat Hari RAya Maaf Zahir n Batin to All my Muslim Friends!


Yeah Raya Was great but Did not Celebrate much due to Exams...this Exams jus came in the wrong timing..haiish...jus wanna start having fun celebrating raya n Exams coming in 3 days time after was all at home since the First day of raya...but thankfully, my granny was at my place, so people came visiting my place for raya...n collection also kept coming in...hahahakz..alhamdullilah..a daym boring raya yet a exciting one... =)

n guess Wat!! Ripley Believe it or not!


we were in the house suddenly, my cuzz spot a swamp of bees just outside my window...WOW! it's was like thousands of them.and they were wearing baju kurung..haha...Dun tell me u fell for jus kidding..duhh.

we then were informed by the town council to close all our windows bcoz their jus found a bee hive at our block and we were also being informed that the pest control are coming to Bomb away all those bees..BOMBS AWAYS! PSSSSSS.. here's a footage of the hive at my block...
The picture below show you clearly where the bees hive is :D

OH MY GOSH! wat a big one! was quite big n disgusting perhaps..n bees were like flying here n there wearing baju kurung..even there's two bees that lost their way to their raya open hive *for human we call it open house* n ended inside my room! darn those bees!GO buy GPS... lucky im not that kind of nervous guy who is shy to hold this bees..yeah wat i meant was scardy cat guys...lucky i am tough! ehem2.....hahahakz....ouhk maybe not! hahah

Moving on..

so i was saying bout staying home n revising for exams...darn it suxs so bad...people are having fun outside n im studying in my room..FIRETRUCK EXAMS! hmmmm

So yeah Exams then Ended on Wed n it's like one, two , three, four , five , Six..YEAH SIX DAYS AFTER RAYA! mannn....k stop nagging yat! i mean lyke Finally Exams is OVER! yay man! btw it was great. was so easy....YOU KNOW WHY? WHY???


GOnna Make my loves Ones proud of me...Yeah may be small but i know im not that small..atleast abit bigger than small..."SMALL!" that's better...haha

feeling abit better that exams is now i can celebrate! yay!

i celebrate Raya on the 9th day...wat the heck :S...It's abit too late to celebrate...went the FIRST house on the 9th DAy! FIRETRUCK EXAMS AGAIN!

but well IT was fun!

Collection WAs awesome! and EVEN Got a Raya Gift Worth $400 from my cousin. A distortion/Overdrive n a Digital Delay...MAN! i was So daym happy..been wanting to buy those but it was darn expensive....btw F.Y.I , those gadgets is for guitar make the guitar sound nicer...


Look how much it cost! price tag is there on the box..haha..

so yeah..was extremely happy n feeling abit lucky on that day... god do love us! alhamdullilah

allright next..wat do i have next in mind

..oh yeah. driving license..yupp 6 more days...wish me luck aitez guys..hoping to pass this test..darn im so nervous.cant stop scared if im gonna have nervous breakdown on that day...breathe in and out...gotta calm down allright...wish me luck once again...

so yeah yesterday, accompanied my dear shiffa to oRchard due to her work stuffs..she gotta send some stuffs n meet someone i jus being busybody n follow her there..hahakz...

man, orchard is a place to shop,n ihave this urge about, i b4 spend about $400+ just on shopping...clothes, pant, bag, boxer, shirt..i just cant see all those stuffs...

and luckily i cld atleast control to not to shop yesterday...u know why?, because my car TP test Cost about $ atleast that made me not to spend on things...


btw bought jus a specs for the both of us....haha..

YOu did nt wear ur spec.."Not fair" haha

allright then, i think it's enough for tired typing n editing...gotta go for now...

byeee...will update sooon aitez..

love this picture..mcm artist ehk..hahaha..NOT!


  1. Afterlife

  2. Dear gOd

  3. Buried aLive

  4. M.I.A

  5. A little piece of Heaven

  6. God hate us

  7. victim

  8. Nightmare

  9. Seize the day

  10. Critical Acclaim

  11. Girl i know

  12. warmness of the soul

And ALL new song From New Album 2010 *nightmare*

Saturday, July 31, 2010

50 KM completed! yeah

had so Much fun today at Pulau Pengerang..
went there by boat but jus to wait for the boat is about 2 hours..haiish...arrived at Changi about 8am in the morning but we boarded the boat around 11+am n the journey there is about 1 n the half hours..jus have to conserve energy in the boat..was tired due to school n work the previous day...but since im so looking forward for long distance im up for the challenge...hahaha

arrived there about 12pm n we then started cycling..yeah..up hills n down hills was great..down hill is super awesome..wheeee..hahakz...

kampung scenery and road without traffic light...hahakz...well, malaysia..lyke duhh...haha

after cycling about 24km n that is about an hour, we finally saw the city of that called "bandar"..lots of shophouses n Guess wat! FOODDDD FIGHT!! hahhakz..
ate Maggie SUp and Lychee syrup...Double the Yayness!
n at that point of time i cant even feel my legs anymore n im still wondering bout the journey back to the jetty..hahakz...

after an hour break, we felt hype up to continue our journey back to the jetty...yeah another 24km to go...n wheee.... hahakz..

still cant forget the Apek who disturb sonia.. " i lup you" daym funny la...

arrived at the jetty bout 3+pm... i fell down after parking my bike....not fell off from my bike but feel down while walking! haha..cant feel my legs anymore..seriously...
i was walking to this shop thgt of getting a drink then suddenly i jus drop down on my knees..hahahakz...nasib baik tkde org nampk...fuhh..paisey...

went back to changi village n had our Early dinner n Home sweet home...

awesome man...cant wait for the next trip!
aww man, cant follow u guys for the september trip for the mountain climbing...exams man!! haiish....

k till here then..gtg for now...
butt aching, muscle cramp...

photos will be uploaded soon :)

Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!


life had been so hectic nowadays..
Driving license
and other commitments..

gonna strt managing my time properly from now on..
if not, Im seriously dead..
im much too young to fall...

i have nothing much to say here...
so guess gtg now...

Happy Birhtday to Me..EeeeeEEe....

(so not looking forward to celebrate my birthday for this yr)
still cant forget bout my 18th birthday celeb. @singapore flyer..
that was awesome!
A to the W to the E to the S to the O to the M to the E



Wednesday, June 16, 2010

goodbye Singapore, Welcome to Penang - Langkawi!

Will be Off to the Airport tonight....wheeee
Selamat pegi dan Selamat pulang, amin!

btw jus wanna update that photos of the Photoshoot of Shiffa's graduation had been uploaded at my cek out yeah! or u can scroll to my blog's links...

btw Om shanti Om is awesome..
jus cant stop watching that show....


take care my fellow friends! and my Love :)

Friday, June 11, 2010


YAY!! holiday!!
VACATION!! wheeeee...

Langkawi Here i COme!!
Aeroplanes!! I MISS YOU!!
driving licences, ON THE WAY!!

alot of activities will be held on june holiday...
camp , class outing, maybe silat outing n other stuffs...
but gonna study hard the last week of holiday coz test will be conducted when sch reopens...
aiming for GPA 4.0...insyallah...

k till here then..
bye :):):)

even if the sky is falling down...dooowwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn....

Monday, May 31, 2010

dear shiffa's graduation photoshoot!


went for a photoshoot last was awesome but yeah it was also super tiring due to the hot weather..
first went to Singapore Poly to have the photoshoot n followed by Esplanade and more...
lucky that her cuzz drives us there, if we were to take train, i dun tink i could make it that far with that kind of weather..hahahakz...
photo's will be upload soon i guess..
hope so...
can't wait to veiw those photos...
im so proud of you, Shiffa Khumaira...
btw i love to see you smile during ur photoshoot..
Her smile made me smile,
that Smile is the one that light up my future and brighten up my day..
Her smile made me wanna go far n achieve all my goals.
in that smile also, i see Happiness and Love :)
allright! till here then,
gtg for now...
wish me luck for test allright! hope to get full marks again!! hahahakz..
n yeah yeah! getting IPHONE sooonnn!!
:D wide smile

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

hey harlow! haha

harlow to anybody who is reading my blog now..
it's been a short while since i updated my blog..
btw school had started n yeah getting more busy as day pass by..
n yupp, school had been great and also a headache for me..
new friends are awesome and felt great to be in the same class as IBNU IRFAN!
so far school is doing great and rock climbing is such a fun activity to participate in..
work has been a hell for me,
nowadays people around us jus dont understand what is the meaning of school/commitments...
adakah patut mereka berkata tk payah pergi ke sekolah dan berkerja utk dorg...apakah pikirkan mereka setelah berkata seperti itu!! tidak kah anda marah setelah mendengar bahwa mereka berkata seperti itu dan setelah didengar oleh telinga mu AND maka sini ingin saya tekankan bahwa se nye jangan la kamu makan apa yg telah ditolak dan terus dibuang di tong yg berbentuk bulat memanjang.dan setelah itu, makanan itu akan ditapis di jurong bird park dan akan menjadi baja utk pokok disekitaran pulau singapura.atau dijadi kan sebagai newwater......hahahaha..k da strt mengarut...sowie sowie...
k get back to the topic..
btw it's long to talk bout it...lazy to elaborate more bout it..
but yupp, still working on weekends tpi tu pon mata dorg masih merah...haissh..
main intention is to come work n get money for myself n go home after that balik..
to shiffa: all the best in ur work allright!! no matter wat happens, yat will always be by ur gonna study hard now and insyallah we will have a great life in the future..btw im so proud and happy for u..seeing u having ur own room in the office, own desk and a computer/ paperwork on's ur dream isnt it...alhamdullilah! :)
allright gtg for now...
have a nice day ppl :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010


hey there!!
guess wat today is ???
APRIL FOOL!!!'s a old joke uh...
btw i nt sure of writing wat here on april fools day..
writing jokes here will be such a useless
so thinking of showing u guys a video of april fool...

here's the video recommended for you..
do check it out aitez !

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

let's rock!!!

for those who are not straight egde, plz dun read the following msg because it's is pointless and it makes no sense at all,
veiwer discretion is advised...
hmmph, guess wat!
i jus bought a new guitar set.
i told you it makes no sense at jus being happy
it was nt that cheap n i really wanted to buy the guitar lyke shit,...
had been saving money for the past months just to buy this jus a crazy person
cld atleast save to buy a bike..
i dun mind buying it coz it's awesome to have's feels lyke in a rockband!! try it...haha
planning to do songs covers soon, but b4 that, let me practise first...hahaha
k till here then, done with sharing my happy stories...

i can still see my reflection from the guitar!! OH YEAH!!! LOVE DRUNK COMING UP!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

well here i am again!!

hey watsup bloggers!!
im back to blogging..yay!
it's been a long tym since i blogged..
is that the right spelling of blog....blogged? blogging? blog? bloooooooog! hmmm, well im nt sure..

so yeah,
life had been hard nowadays,
alot of planning n thinking about things n upcoming task needs to be made..

school strting in jus like a month from now..or maybe less...
and i dun really think that im ready to go school n study..hmmph,,
im nt saying that im lazy for school but i think i am...argh im i look like one? i dun think so..
but really, i want to go school but im lazy to make new friends..oops no offence...but they just come n go, it's not worth to make new i right...ouhk let's stop here...

btw went to science center last week n it was fun! seriously!! nt in childish so surprised n was so amazed with all those science's been a long time i've been's lyke 7 yrs ago...ouhk maybe let's round that off to 10, i was lyke running out n trying out amazing stuffs there..awwwwwww, there's still a kid in me...yeah yeah!!

pics had already been uploaded at my multiply..feel free to check them out...